WebOS:[ADD] Added retry stream on webos, if the channel freezes or the stream from somehow crashes[FIX] Fixed Continue Watching problem, when you play Movie/TV Show it used to star...
Admin 7 months ago
Dear users,MaxPlayer has officially released its first mobile version (iOS and Android Mobile).For iOS (iPhones), you can find us on the Apple App Storetype: MaxPlayer or go to lin...
Admin 1 year ago
Multi lists are finally here. From now on you will be able to add 5 IPTV lists to your account. You can swap the default list inside app settings or by editing subuser on ou...
Nemanja Marjanov 1 year ago
We have completely redesigned our panel. The new design will be much easier to use.
Nemanja Marjanov 1 year ago
- Payment page has been reworked- Added support for Google Pay and Apple Pay
Nemanja Marjanov 1 year ago
The new update is now officially released on all platforms.The update includes:- Mobile login (Scan the QR code and type in your credentials)- Right-click context menu on windowsBu...
Nemanja Marjanov 1 year ago
MaxPlayer can now be found on the Google Play Store for Android TV devices.
Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=tv.maxplayer.android
Nemanja Marjanov 2 years ago
MaxPlayer for Windows is ready, try to find on Microsoft Store or click on link:
Admin 2 years ago
The new version 1.1.0 is ready for Samsung SmartTV Tizen. Update is now ready only for model 17 and 18 models, and will soon be ready for other models.What is new in update?- New l...
Admin 2 years ago
Dear All, Many of you have asked for their languages to be found on MaxPlayer, now that is also possible. If you have some free time, and want to translate MaxPlayer from E...
Admin 2 years ago
Android is ready and will soon be available on the GooglePlay Store and AmazonStore.
Admin 2 years ago
If you are a provider, contact us at: support@maxplayer.tv to let you try all the options that providers have.
Some of the options:- sending messages to its users (all platforms)- home page setup- Adjust adult category- etc ...
Admin 2 years ago
The official version of MaxPlayer is available on the LG SmartTV market and covers all countries in the world. The application works on all versions of WebOS.
Admin 2 years ago
The official version of MaxPlayer (version 1.0) is available on the Samsung TV Store. Samsung TV market provides support for models: 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021.If you have an ...
Admin 2 years ago


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